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Rembrandt Investments was born from our awareness that something important was missing in our industry. The real estate landscape felt vast, risky, and inconsistent. Trust was used as a buzzword rather than serving as the heart of business operations. With increased market volatility, we saw tremendous opportunity within the noise to become a dependable source of secure, carefully selected opportunities. 

As a team with decades of success in commercial real estate and financial management, Rembrandt Investments originates small to mid-balance collateralized CRE loans while offering diverse, highly liquid investment opportunities. 

We aim to stand at the forefront of investment transparency and genuine connections for our industry. Our hands-on approach bypasses templated strategies to guide you towards financial solutions and opportunities that work for you, no matter your level of CRE experience.

We are here to give you the tools and security to start building, growing, and sustaining your personal investments. 

Meet the team

Jeff Bidnick


Jeff Bidnick is an accomplished professional with a decade's experience in real estate management. After a successful track record in sales, he joined Lexington Realty in 2015 where he served as COO. Mr. Bidnick managed operations for over 3,500 units and led transactions worth over $250M. His excellent track record and diverse expertise in debt, equity, underwriting, and renovations demonstrate his adaptability and financial expertise.

David Novoseller

Chairman, Advisory Board 

David Novoseller is a serial entrepreneur with three decades of experience as a commercial real estate equity investor and managing principal. His ability to adapt investment and management strategies to diverse market climates and real estate cycles has created his stellar track record of delivering windfall profits for his portfolio's investors. His personal, hands-on approach and focus on investor return have allowed Mr. Novoseller to enjoy decades of oversubscribed transactions and a near 100 percent investor retention rate. 

Client Experiences

"Rembrandt Investments provided me with a seamless bridge loan solution for my real estate investment needs in Fort Lauderdale. Their expertise and personalized approach made the process easy and stress-free."

"I'm grateful to the team at Rembrandt Investments for their quick and efficient handling of my commercial real estate financing needs in the USA. Their flexible financing options and attentive service exceeded my expectations."

"Choosing Rembrandt Investments for my bridge loan was a smart decision. Their commercial real estate bridge loan rates were competitive, and their commitment to finding the right solution for me was evident throughout the process."

"As a real estate investor, I appreciate the benefits of bridge loans, and Rembrandt Investments delivered exactly what I needed. Their commercial property loans in the USA provided me with the flexibility and support required for my investment ventures."

"The team at Rembrandt Investments truly understands the intricacies of real estate financing. Their corporate real estate investment solutions were tailored to my specific needs, and their dedication to client satisfaction sets them apart from the rest."

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Address: 300 se 2nd street ste 600 ft lauderdale FL 33301

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Address: 300 se 2nd street ste 600 ft lauderdale FL 33301